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Simply put, renter's insurance is important to protect your personal property and liability. It is estimated that one third of renters do not carry insurance. They mistakenly think the landlord's policy will cover them or they think they cannot afford coverage. However, Kemper Direct offers polices to North Carolina residents from $17 per month, including liability coverage. Six million policyholders are already taking advantage of this valuable protection.

The homeowner's policy purchased by your landlord only covers the actual dwelling or damage that may occur because of the landlord's negligence. If you are a renter, you should consider scenarios such as if a thief broke in and stole all your valuables, if the rented residence burned down or if the dwelling flooded. Could you afford to replace all your valuables? Electronics, clothing, cookware, furniture and other possessions can add up to thousands of dollars very quickly.

Renter's insurance also protects you from other out-of-pocket expenses and lawsuits. For example, if a visitor were to get injured in your apartment, the renter's insurance policy will cover any required medical attention and protect you from legal action under personal liability. Something as simple as a guest tripping over a cord or falling down stairs could ruin you financially. Renter's insurance provides the needed personal protection.

Trust Kemper Direct for your protection. A.M. Best Company, the leading insurance industry rating authority, distinguished Kemper Direct with an A-, or excellent, rating. Get a free quote and buy online in seconds by entering your zip code.

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